2022 Cadillac XT5

Faceted body, with ornate headlights staring at the road. Particularly stylish is the side strip of LEDs, which visually turns into fog lights on the front bumper. The low skirt of this very bumper disappeared, and its place was taken by an imitation of protection, painted in silver.The profile of the car has become more elegant due to the thin A-pillars and the upturned line of the side glazing.It also had a positive effect on the visibility of the road.

USA price for 2022 Cadillac XT5

This SUV is quite expensive, starting at $44,000 in the US. A very interesting top quality solution with many advantages. You buy a car that is not like other brands. There are no wheelbases, engines, other components and assemblies used from other instances here. Completely authentic development for your safety and self-confidence. Sport trim will cost from $56,000, where you will get a large number of different benefits for this money. This is a more powerful engine, amazing driving dynamics and completely different seats. Additional customization and tuning options are also available to all buyers.

Quick overview of the interior

And the style is sustained well - the narrow slots of the deflectors look great, and the chairs are accepted into their pleasant embrace. They are well profiled - it will not be difficult to accommodate. Unless the lateral support is far away, moreover, it is implicitly expressed. The quality of the materials does not irritate, and the main advantage is that budget fittings have disappeared from the cabin.

Safety features overview

This car does not have any unique safety features for the driver and passengers, except for passive systems that reduce the overall impact energy well. We are talking about very interesting dampers and a specially designed body, where all the power goes to the deformation of the metal, but not the people in the cab. Now there are also good electronic developments for this car, the effect of which you will not immediately notice. But all your actions will be adjusted to create a truly perfect movement without potential emergencies.

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