2022 Mercedes-Benz EQA

The compact SUV made its debut in the uncontested version of the EQA 250. It is equipped with a very powerful and only asynchronous electric motor that can develop up to 190 horsepower. It can accelerate the first 60 mph in 9 seconds, but this car was clearly not built for speed.

This is a very interesting solution for the city and light off-road. Do not expect to go along the tractor tracks with him after a heavy rain. Especially for this model, Mercedes-Benz has developed exclusive light-alloy wheels up to 20 inches, which are available in two or three colors. 18-inch wheels are standard.

USA price for 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQA

This electric car, like most similar cars, has only one modification. In the US, it starts at $ 53,400, which is quite atypical for a Mercedes. You can significantly increase the cost if you buy all the additional options. The customization of this car seems ridiculous, but the manufacturers were very greedy, reducing the original value. The car definitely belongs to the luxury segment.

Quick overview of the interior

This car has a wide range of interior features, unlike other competitive models from other automakers. The car has received luxurious seats with four-way adjustment, so you can adapt to any size of your body without any problems. Everyone will feel very comfortable inside. Also, the developers took care of automating decision-making so that the driver is not distracted from the traffic situation. You can also appreciate the generous amount of free space available thanks to the cleverly calculated ergonomics.

Safety features overview

The car is a real analytical center on wheels, which perfectly evaluates the whole situation. You can easily track potentially dangerous objects on the roadway, as well as stay in the lane in difficult road conditions. Numerous sensors monitor the technical condition of various components and assemblies, notifying about their breakdowns.

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