2022 Best Pickup Trucks

This is a pure American format that was founded in the era of the great farming. And who knew that these cars would be used in all areas of American life? It's not just local brands that are gaining popularity right now.Models from Asian and European manufacturers are gradually entering the US market, and they often have more comfort, moving away from the old commercial and agricultural purposes.

We are definitely looking forward to more comfort and safety in the new automotive year.

The main trends of 2022 in this car class

The development of modern cars does not stand still, so please read about the following general innovations:

  • A large number of manufacturers will continually lower the center of gravity in this vehicle class to ensure cornering stability. Therefore, we will be faced with a more squat and streamlined design.
  • The number of hybrid engines has increased dramatically and is available as an option in almost all Pickup Trucks.
  • Another trend is the abandonment of old-style dashboards, and many of them now use large touchpads.
  • Another trend for many manufacturers is to completely change software that uses more artificial intelligence, which is also done for security reasons.

Choose the best

The US car market is not in vain considered one of the best in the world, because the best Pickup Trucks from different countries really flock here. You can choose infinitely long, but it is difficult to do without the appropriate experience.

Check out the Best Pickup Trucks 2022 in the USA und Canada right now:

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