2022 Volvo C40 Recharge

This car systematically grew out of the XC40 model, which the Swedish manufacturer had long wanted to put on electric traction. This has been largely helped by the Swedish government, which wants to completely phase out internal combustion engines by 2030. As a result, we have a very interesting electric car that definitely belongs to the luxury class.

This is now the most common practice and a great opportunity for every American. In an attempt to conquer the market, the costs are still low. To make the difference between the models, the C40 2022 received a certain restyling of the appearance and a blue logo, clearly hinting at the use of clean energy.

Actual USA price range for 2022 Volvo C40 Recharge

The cost of this luxury crossover starts at $ 59,000 in the US, which is a kind of a record. This is a very expensive car, but it justifies every penny invested thanks to its unprecedented ease of use, safety, as well as a huge amount of different useful electronics. This car was clearly ahead of its time.

Interior features overview

This car became a real technological breakthrough thanks to the following interior features. The interior of the Volvo C40 Recharge is very similar to the XC40, but there are differences. For the interior trim, only artificial leather or fabric is used, the ceiling height has become 24 inches lower. The electric car has in its kit the entire package of modern options. The electric crossover boasts an advanced safety system, which Volvo pays special attention to. Updated multimedia, a large screen that plays the role of an on-board computer. The coupe-like crossover system works with all platforms, which allows you to pair all modern gadgets with an electric car.

Safety and driver assist systems

Volvo again excelled in safety systems, which was quite expected. There are now many new developments implemented in these vehicles. The airbags have been completely re-manufactured with innovative materials and low intelligent deployment thresholds. This is not a car, it is more of a solid electronic assistant, ready to make decisions much faster than the driver. Also, in many safety tests, it was able to conquer the highest fair score.

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