2022 Cadillac XT6

Of course, this is a big Cadillac, and not a projectile for conquering winding mountain roads. But to some extent, with the XT6, you can enjoy driving in such terrain. Tight steering wheel, wide paddle shifters, responsive "turbo-four", adequate reactions to the steering wheel.This is a great family car for every day and a good off-road conqueror for those who are used to moving in comfort.

USA price for 2022 Cadillac XT6

This luxury midsize SUV starts at $47,000 in the US. Americans are just blessed to have this thing made in their own land. Therefore, the price is at an acceptable level, in Europe it will cost much more. So far, manufacturers have chosen tactical silence regarding other trims, but they are likely to differ only in engines, transmissions and other functional features. You can also order additional customization and tuning options, but everything is too expensive for this brand.

Quick overview of the interior

The interior uses genuine leather and wood. In total, the XT6 has seven interior design options to choose from with decorative inserts from different types of wood or carbon fiber. In the trunk subfield there is a stowaway located at an angle, a set of tools and a curious cable for fixing a punctured wheel so that it takes up a minimum of space and does not stain things. The cable is threaded through the trunk lock bracket and attached to the upper hinges of the fifth door. Power tailgate with kick-open function.

Safety features overview

This big SUV can't be dangerous by default. Cadillac engineers have invested in it all the best developments of the brand, which have been specially adapted for this car. Now it has some of the best airbags in the world, and the concept of passive dampers will absorb most of the energy from even the most severe impact. You will have many opportunities even if you are a beginner, because all your inept actions will be slightly corrected by electronics. This will avoid the most dangerous situations.

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