2022 Toyota Corolla Hybrid

The seemingly ordinary Corolla sedan hides a clever powertrain in which the traditional combustion engine is assisted by an electric one. It does not need charging stations, and the gas mileage in the city is pleasantly shocking with low values. Can the C-Class hybrid sedan compete with its petrol counterparts?

Such a version appeared thanks to the TNGA platform, the varieties of which are used in almost all modern passenger models of the brand.

USA price for 2022 Toyota Corolla Hybrid

This car starts at $ 23,650 in the US. Many generations of Americans have become accustomed to these forms, but they will receive completely different content and equipment for their money. The manufacturers decided not to skimp on finishing, so a large number of new products and amenities await you from the start if you are conservative and do not want to change anything. Most owners are fine with this, but you will also have customization options.

Quick overview of the interior

The Toyota Corolla Hybrid driver's seat has good lateral support and, regardless of the level of equipment, offers mechanical adjustments in the longitudinal direction and in height, as well as lumbar support adjustment from the button. This allows you to comfortably get behind the wheel, even despite the very modest range of steering wheel adjustments for reach and height. By the way, the buttons on the steering wheel are pleasantly pressed and their location is easy to remember.

Safety features overview

The car received an updated braking system and a completely redesigned software that monitors the current state of affairs through a system of sensors and cameras. Drivers, even with little experience, can easily enjoy driving without much stress. The car received 5 stars according to the well-known European system EuroNCAP. Therefore, you can be completely confident in your car.