2022 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

As for the history of the model, when working on the development of a hybrid modification of its flagship, Hyundai engineers first of all strived to achieve the highest aerodynamic efficiency of the Sonata Hybrid. The hybrid received a more streamlined body, brand new head optics along with rear LED lights, and the rims were decorated with special fairings. It is a vehicle for quiet and economical family trips over short distances.

USA price for 2022 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

This great car starts at $ 27,000. The top modification will cost approximately $ 35,000. It's quite expensive, but you can quickly recoup your purchase by saving on gas. Most lovers only buy it because of the eco-friendly concept. There are now many different customization options that will skyrocket the price.

Quick overview of the interior

Regarding the interior, we can say that the hybrid modification of the Sonata sedan can be recognized by other seats, original finishing solutions in terms of color, as well as the presence of an LCD display on the dashboard. The presence of additional equipment and even a set of lithium-polymer batteries, which the developers placed in the front of the luggage compartment, added only 64 kg to the total weight of the car. Inside, a relatively small amount of interior space awaits you.

Safety features overview

The developers have invested a lot in car safety systems. They completely redesigned the concept of the rear view camera, so parking is now more like a safe computer game. The airbags were also completely changed, just because the older generation was already hopelessly outdated. They also added a lot of driver assistants, which will allow you to drive a car without any problems in any road conditions, as well as correct elementary mistakes.