2022 Toyota Prius

The 2022 Toyota Prius five-door hatchback belongs to the hybrid class. driven by a system that is a symbiosis of an electric motor and an internal combustion engine. The short length and width of the Prius allow the car to behave briskly in the city, which is why they began to buy it so often for driving in the city.

In terms of appearance, it is worth noting that the manufacturer decided to create a model with two body color options: pearl and red. The wheels have received a dark metallic finish. The roof was made of aluminum. An interesting innovation can be noticed in the outside mirrors - turn signals.

USA price for 2022 Toyota Prius

This car starts at $ 24,600 in a hybrid version, and trims are available for $ 25,700 and $ 28,700. The differences between them lie in the fuel economy, as well as in the different internal equipment of each version. These cars have already gained great popularity due to their relatively low cost. The best choice for getting around the city or for leisurely travel long distances.

Quick overview of the interior

The designers made sure that no extraneous noise could enter the car. The seat material is softer. The base model has received seats that can be fixed in four positions. Also, the driver's seat has become reinforced. It rises and falls to the required height. The central panel, as befits a car of this type, contains a special button with which our hybrid switches to an exclusively electric mode of operation in any time.

Safety features overview

The Prius is a very safe vehicle that will surely save you in emergency braking or on slippery roads. Its key feature is that the movement parameters are monitored at every moment using special electronic sensors, so you can control it without any problems in difficult weather conditions. All this is complemented by a good set of airbags, which fully justifies the price of this car.