2022 Honda CR-V

The arrival of the new generation Honda CR-V is perhaps the most anticipated novelty of 2022. Previous production years were also in demand on the market. The interior has been completely redesigned and the interior appears to have been made in accordance with the latest European standards.

We can say for sure that this car is clearly much cheaper than the price that the manufacturers put up for it. It's a great family car with a smooth hint of luxury.

USA price for 2022 Honda CRV

This car is fairly inexpensive for the average American. Prices start at $ 28,000, with TOP Trim costing about $ 33,500. Such a small difference in cost is explained by the special policy of the manufacturer in an attempt to conquer the American market. The additional customization here is very good, but quite expensive. Although, the basic equipment is quite enough for the enjoyment of owning this Honda.

Quick overview of the interior

Inside you will find an interesting combination of a very high quality interior with leather front seats and an excellent rear sofa. Interestingly, the analog methods of adjusting the parameters are perfectly combined with the touch skin. A very interesting car and a worthy continuation of traditions.

The salon of the latest generation Honda CR-V is for five adults. Front seats have well-defined lateral bolsters and large adjustment ranges, while the rear sofa has an ergonomic profile and pleasant back support.

Safety features overview

The car has relatively standard safety options that we've already seen on previous generations. It warns of the risk of a head-on collision even in complete fog or darkness. The car is also able to recognize living objects on the road long before the driver sees them. ABS here is the default system, but here it is adapted specifically for this SUV.