2022 Ford Escape

The 2022 Ford Escape is Ford's compact SUV. For fans of charged versions, there is the Escape GT. The motors, although they cannot boast of insane power, had a very pleasant fuel consumption.

But the management decided not to stop there in order to get even more positive feedback from the owners and journalists. The new Ford Escape body has become larger in size and the design has been modernized compared to the 2021 models.

USA price for 2022 Ford Escape

This car in MSRP starts at $ 26,200, which is worth the money invested. This car in other countries of the world is much more expensive, so you can easily buy it, because it is the height of reliability and quality of service. It's just that Americans are blessed with the fact that this car is produced in their territory. You can greatly increase the cost by taking advantage of the additional official customization options.

Quick overview of the interior

Interior of the Ford Escape is not bad for its time, but quite budgetary. Laconic, but easy-to-read dashboard, comfortable, albeit simple steering wheel, uncomplicated interior. The only nice looking accessory is the lacquered center console with climate control and audio system. Although the quality of the materials is not at the premium level, all the details are carefully fitted and don't creak on the bumpy dirt road. Finding a comfortable fit while driving is not difficult - it's a pity that the steering wheel is adjustable only in height - the tilt angle is fixed.

Safety features overview

In fact, this car was a response from American manufacturers to European competitors, so many safety solutions were purchased under license. Ford simply performed adaptations of airbags, emergency braking systems, navigation and numerous sensors. Well, we have to admit that everything worked out quite well, especially considering the key features when passing numerous tests, including EuroNCAP. Poetmou will get great airbags and driver assistants, as well as real-time adjustments to driving parameters.

This car is the best example of high technology, safety and usability. This is a really worthy purchase for you and your whole family for any occasion.To find out more about this product, contact your authorized dealer now.