2022 MINI Cooper Countryman

The largest, largest and most adventurous MINI, it handles whatever challenges lie ahead with ease. Its dynamics combine smoothness, power and responsiveness to give you confidence and peace of mind. This feeling is enhanced by the vehicle's expressive surfaces.

A striking front bumper, air intakes, branded headlights - everything in this car testifies to power and unsurpassed comfort. And there is always enough room for five people, luggage and all the experiences that await you on your travels. Find out where inspiration is taking you today.

USA price for 2022 MINI Cooper Countryman

This magnificent car starts at $ 29,100, and the top modification will cost future owners from $ 48,000. The thing is that the manufacturer invests in this car excellent build quality and a very large number of various strong parts, which significantly increases reliability. Therefore, every dollar invested is justified. And also add additional options to this. If you use everything, you can go up to $ 65,000.

Quick overview of the interior

This car has a wide range of interior features, unlike other competitive models from other automakers. The sports seats are quite firm, but provide very reliable back support: it does not get tired even after several hours of driving. And the side bolsters fix the driver so clearly in corners that you can frolic behind the wheel of this MINI for days on end. At the same time, the chairs are very comfortable, and the wide range of adjustments of the chair and the steering column allows you to sit comfortably and correctly.

Safety features overview

This car has amazingly accurate emergency braking systems. A system like this will help you very well in difficult road conditions such as icy asphalt or concrete. The on-board computer will independently correct your actions, but will not affect your decision-making. The new shape of the airbags will allow you to easily avoid collisions with hard interior elements.