2022 Lincoln Navigator

The new Lincoln Navigator 2022 is a large luxury SUV. It's pure American-style luxury that few of the competition can match. This is a car for a big boss, a real luxurious office on wheels, from where you can easily go to a meeting of the highest level.

It is also a kind of pride and image. Yes, this is an SUV, but let's be honest about the fact that no one will use it in the mud.

USA price for 2022 Lincoln Navigator

This truly luxurious SUV starts at $ 76,000. This is a relatively small price to pay because it is manufactured in the United States. In Europe, the purchase of such a car will cost 30% more, but this is a purely American format, which is understandable here. You should strive to own such a car in order to rise one step higher in your own eyes, in front of the people around you, in comfort and safety.

Quick overview of the interior

It seems that this car inside may definitely surprise you even if you have previously owned vehicles in this class. A lot of innovations have been put by engineers in every detail. The giant Navigator offers three rows of seats and a standard or long wheelbase body. Its salon is decorated with the best materials: genuine leather, wood trim, metal inserts. A host of prestigious features make the trip comfortable for the whole family.

Safety features overview

This car is a cross between a computer and a tank on wheels. You will be able to get opportunities that you never dreamed of before. It has complexes of passive and active protection, but, unlike other cars of this class, everything here was developed specifically for it. There are no tailored solutions that can fail at a difficult moment. This is the pinnacle of reliability.

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