2022 Toyota Land Cruiser

The new Prado body has grown in size, has become more impressive and streamlined. The overall design has become more striking, holistic and sporty. The head optics of the Toyota Land Cruiser have become two-story.The main headlights are now located at the top, while the stylish LED lighting is based underground.The profile and stern were changed a little less - the rear brake lights resemble the drestyled model of the Toyota Land Cruiser, and the new thresholds and discs are practically indistinguishable from the previous ones.

USA price for 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser

Prices start at $ 46,500 in the US, which is a reasonable price for such a luxurious and huge vehicle. The most expensive trim will cost at least $ 80,000. We are talking about the GR Sport, which has truly exorbitant power. But you're not going to stop there, are you? The manufacturer offers a variety of additional customization options for this car, which provides tremendous opportunities and an increase in price.

Quick overview of the interior

The stands don't block your view too much, and the build quality and fit is definitely pleasing. But there is also a downside. For taller drivers, the seat cushion of the Toyota Land Cruiser may seem a little short, and the steering wheel will want to be raised higher than the adjustments provide. Plus, the solid door panels aren't the level you'd expect from a car at this price point. Yes, the ergonomics have become better - they tried to collect the previously scattered buttons around the automatic transmission lever, and the effort on the adjustments became more pleasant, but the car still does not reach the standard of functionality.

Safety features overview

Crash tests are good, but did you know that this car often saves the driver and passengers from the most unpleasant consequences. Real data shows that the Prado gives you a huge chance of survival. Add to this a great emergency braking system, all-round cameras and a huge number of driver assistants. Airbags and a wide variety of support points in the seats will give you not only comfort, but also the safety of your health and life.

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