2021 Volkswagen Passat

The 2021 Volkswagen Passat is a front-wheel drive or all-wheel-drive mid-size sedan (that is, a representative of the D-segment according to the European classification), which combines a solid and concise design, a spacious interior, productive technical equipment and balanced dynamic potential. The main target audience (however, it is not strictly limited to this) of the car are well-off middle-aged and older family people who are able to achieve their goals and have a modern worldview.

Price range
The starting price of this car starts at $23,995, which is understandable for a car in the middle price segment. You can pick the most expensive R-Line with a more powerful engine and slightly redesigned design for $29,995. These are just the starting prices for these great cars and can be further improved with customization from the manufacturer.
Interior overview

The center console looks stylish and modern, and is headed by the multimedia complex display, which, depending on the version, can have a different diagonal. Front seats with widely spaced lateral bolsters have a pleasant filling and wide range of adjustments. The rear sofa is shaped for two people, but there is enough space for a third person, although too tall passengers will prop up the sloping roof with their heads.
Safety overview
The active safety systems installed on Volkswagen cars are recognized by experts as one of the most effective, taking into account the minimum number of insured events in which cars of this brand appeared. Adaptive cruise control on Volkswagen vehicles works at speeds between 30 and 160 km / h. The new generation can detect the presence of not only other vehicles on the route, but also pedestrians. Otherwise, the principle of operation of the technology is the same - if necessary, the electronic assistant will reduce the speed of the car to a minimum or to a complete stop, depending on the configuration.