2021 Hyundai Sonata

Hyundai Sonata is a front-wheel-drive business-class sedan (although according to the general hierarchy it formally belongs to the D segment), which in the South Korean company itself is called a four-door coupe, combining an expressive design, an attractive and modern interior, a sufficiently productive technical component and a rich level equipment. Its main target audience is well-off middle-aged and older people who want a roomy and safe family car for relatively little money. These cars show sufficient reliability, they are inexpensive to repair, with a high degree of comfort.

Compared to its predecessor, the car has changed in all directions, it tried on a new design, switched to a different platform, enlarged in size, got a completely new interior and acquired a huge number of modern features.
Price range

The starting price of this car starts at $ 23,600. The most well-stocked model costs much more. It is called Limited, it costs from $ 33,850. This big difference is fully justified by the installed equipment and the increased comfort. You can also purchase a huge number of additional options from the manufacturer, but they greatly increase the price. No two Hyundai Sonata are exactly the same.
Interior overview
The interior of the South Korean sedan is able to accommodate the driver and his four companions without any problems - a sufficient supply of free space is promised here to all riders, without exception. In the front seats there are ergonomic chairs with a well-developed side profile and a large set of adjustments, and in the back there is a comfortable sofa with a folding armrest in the center. In normal condition, the trunk of the latest Hyundai Sonata model shows a really impressive volume of 510 liters. In addition to this, the second row of seats, which can be folded in several sections, makes it possible to transport lengthy items.
Safety overview
This model has a unique emergency braking system that is stable even after stopping at full speed. Excellent aerodynamics will prevent the hull from lifting due to the effect of lifting force under the bottom. Each wheel is electronically controlled at any moment of the movement, depending on the coefficient of friction, which allows inexperienced drivers to effectively handle in difficult weather conditions. Optional all-round cameras have no blind spots, which makes it possible to control even the most difficult situation.