2021 Audi A6

Audi A6 is a front- or all-wheel drive premium business-class sedan (aka E-segment by European standards), which combines elegant design, high level of prestige, comfort and safety, as well as really good dynamic potential ... The car is aimed, first turn, for self-sufficient middle-aged and older people (as a rule, family), holding high management positions or running their own business. It will be very problematic to acquire this luxury for an ordinary salary, but in this case every cent invested is justified.
Price range
The MSRP for the initial version of this luxury car starts at $ 54,900, which is fully justified by luxury and reliability. The S6 version designed for big bosses starts at $ 74,400. The fairly large price range is explained by the fact that these cars are very different in equipment, although they demonstrate consistently high quality. The manufacturer also offers an abnormally large number of customization options. One conclusion can be drawn from all this. There are no two identical Audi A6, because all people are different.
Interior overview

The interior of the fifth generation Audi A6 has a beautiful, progressive and solid design, impeccable ergonomics, exclusively premium finishing materials and a high level of performance. At the disposal of the driver is a weighty multi-steering wheel with a four-spoke rim and an exemplary set of instruments with a pair of dial gauges and a colored display between them. Inside, this is a roomy sports sedan that easily accommodates 5 people of average height. The trunk in the car is small, but this is due to the fact that everything was calculated for short business trips or shopping after work. This is not a car for long journeys.
Safety overview
You can endlessly praise the electronic assistants and airbags from this manufacturer, but in the Audi A6 2021 the main safety advantage lies in the power scheme of the body and half frame. The car has passed successful experimental tests, and with various types of impacts, the force vector does not pass through the bodies of passengers, but through special damper points. They take the blow, greatly deforming, but saving everyone who is inside.