2021 Genesis G80

The Genesis G80 premium sedan of the second generation (but if we count the predecessor with the Hyundai logo, then the third one) with the in-plant marking "RG3" was officially presented to the general public on March 30, 2020 as part of a live online broadcast from the company's headquarters in South Korea. The Genesis G80 is a front- or four-wheel drive premium business-class sedan (or E-segment by European standards) that, according to the South Korean automaker itself, perfectly balances elegance, luxury and sportiness. This car is addressed primarily to wealthy people who do not accept compromises in terms of comfort or safety, but also are not inclined to blindly chase fashion and overpay for the brand.
Price Range
This car starts at nearly $ 49,000. Clear modifications are not highlighted for him. Then you can use the options at your own discretion. Limits range from $ 70,000. But how necessary is it? Everyone has the right to decide in terms of their financial capabilities.
Interior overview

Inside the second generation, the Genesis G80 meets a beautiful branding design with a minimum number of physical buttons, exclusively premium finishing materials and high quality workmanship. Directly in front of the driver is a stylish multifunctional steering wheel with a four-spoke rim and fully digital instrumentation based on a widescreen display, and in the center of the massive front panel there is a huge media center touchscreen, under which there are stylish ventilation deflectors and a modern climate unit.
According to the passport, the interior of the business sedan has a five-seater layout, but in fact the second row is more suitable for two passengers, and all because of the shape of the sofa and the high floor tunnel. At the front, there are ergonomic seats with an optimal side profile, a large number of electric adjustments, heating and ventilation, which can be replaced with multicontour seats with pneumatic chambers.

Safety overview
This car has a very sturdy body. You can't even imagine what he is capable of in a collision. No wonder European testers often put it at the top of the safety of the driver and passengers. The airbags form a closed loop, and the car fully monitors the entire traffic situation. You will not work alone, this is your reliable assistant in the parking lot, in the traffic and on the night highway.