2022 Subaru BRZ

Despite significant changes to the exterior of the Subaru BRZ 2022, its appearance should still remain recognizable. The car looks very aggressive, sporty and dynamic. It will receive a wider grille and slightly updated LED optics.The taillights will be connected by a narrow strip of LEDs.At the same time, they retained the original section for the PTF and reversing lights.It is noteworthy that the state registration plate at the back will now have to be installed in the bumper, where a special place will be allocated for it.

This car was able to conquer many fans of high speeds from different parts of the world. And the main advantages are speed and safety.

USA price for 2022 Subaru BRZ

This legendary Japanese muscle car is on sale in the US at $ 28,800. It's a worthy competition for the local Ford Mustang, but it's a completely different driving experience and perception of road conditions. A very interesting proposition considering that the additional customization options and more powerful trims have little difference in cost. This is very similar to the pricing policy of American automakers.

Quick overview of the interior

The interior of the car resembles the saloons of classic Japanese sports cars. At the same time, it is quite spacious inside. The front seats are designed as deep buckets. The dashboard is made in a classic rough style. Only the minimum number of buttons will appear on it. The car is going to be equipped with a modern multimedia system with a huge screen and many useful options. Car acoustics should satisfy even the most daring needs of true music lovers - drivers.

Safety features overview

ABS + EBD work just fine here, which is immediately felt on a slippery road. This does not mean that you should drive at maximum speeds right away. You should get used to this first. The vehicle stabilization function helps when the driver is unable to select the correct steering direction. The car simply automatically aligns the trajectory. There are many driver assistants here, including seat belt indicators. There are many design solutions, pedals do not injure the legs in an accident, and much more.

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