2022 Ford Mustang

Get ready to meet the update of the legendary Ford Mustang 2022. The main look of the novelty looks decent. Until now, there have been preserved notes of a formidable character, to which it is so difficult to get used.Some people notice the similarity of the new generation to the Ford Evos.Indeed, there is something similar, but these are just some of the similarities.

The design of the front has slightly changed. The grille has been tightened and the front bumper has been changed. The elements of the main view are somewhat reminiscent of the front of the model, which was produced before 2004.

USA price for 2022 Ford Mustang

In the US, the cost of this car in 2022 starts at $ 27,200. You cannot call it a luxury item, because it is much cheaper than foreign similar cars. For this money, you can touch a real legend, although connoisseurs say that this car has long lost the spirit of a real muscle car. The EcoBoost version will cost $ 3,000 more. A very loyal pricing policy of the manufacturer, but this is only because it is produced in the USA.

Quick overview of the interior

The interior space is comfortable and comfortable, but sports modesty is also felt. The front panel is represented by a touchscreen display, which is protected from all sides by interior material. Above are heating elements, and below are buttons for controlling the functionality and filling of the car. The dashboard has been narrowed, and the sensors are placed in wells for easier reading of information. The backlight in bright colors attracts, facilitating the transfer of information from the sensor to the driver.

Safety features overview

By default, only front airbags are installed, as well as for the driver's knees, which is understandable for high speeds. To prevent the driver from getting confused, there is a voice assistant for starting on an inclined road. The steering wheel is electronically blocked when stolen, it is almost impossible to get around it. The built-in alarm has a completely autonomous power supply system. Light and rain sensors are installed on this car by default.

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