2022 GMC Sierra

GMC is now firmly committed to regaining the lead, helped by the restyled Sierra 1500 with the ultra-luxury Denali Ultimate and the super-off-road AT4X. However, other modifications of the Sierra 1500 in 2022 will not hit the face in the dirt, because behind them are a fresh and original exterior design, a significantly grown salon in the class and the most advanced technologies from the General Motors arsenal.

USA price for 2022 GMC Sierra

This huge car starts at $ 32,500 in the US. In other countries, it is not popular due to dealer markups, but this is only an initial modification. You will have many customization options, which will only add to the cost. As for the Denali, the top-end modification, it starts at $ 80,000. You can change it a lot by adding the price up to almost $ 100,000, but in this case it is better to take a closer look at the cars of the luxury segment.

Quick overview of the interior

But, real miracles begin as soon as the doors to the salon are thrown open. Seats with large side cushions, center console and door cards are wrapped in high quality finely crafted genuine leather. The front panel and additional handrails in the cabin are trimmed with leather. The ceiling and roof pillars are covered with soft-touch micro-suede. As for the interior, the initial Pro trim is still quite modest, but from the SL to the Denali Ultimate, the luxury of trim increases exponentially.

Safety features overview

This luxury pickup truck protects the occupants with its large mass and frame. The car was designed specifically to provide maximum safety. A huge number of internal damping points allows you to achieve the right balance in the damping of impact energy. It is also equipped with an excellent emergency braking system and real-time correction of the driver's actions. Rear-view cameras avoid blind spots, so even a beginner can park.