2022 Ford Ranger

The 2022 Ranger is more flexible than you might imagine. Since the car is popular with both city dwellers and travelers, the fourth generation will not disappoint motorists. The American has been honorably restyled and will be ready for sale in three variations: Ranger, Raptor, Wildtrack.Although the model has not received a new body, some parts have been redesigned.

The SUV received a significant increase in frame and body rigidity. The new generation is entering the market in two cockpit variations: SuperCab and SuperCrew. Also, the consumer can choose a car between several trim levels and prices.

USA price for 2022 Ford Ranger

This is one of the lightest American pickups from Ford, so there are a lot of people looking to buy this. You can start at $ 26,000, which is the lowest available price. Calculating the exact upper end of the range is extremely difficult for the simple reason that the customization options are so numerous. But you can definitely create your dream car for a reasonable price.

Quick overview of the interior

The interior of the new generation of the Ranger is practically no different from the previous model. Judging by the photos taken at the presentation, the cabin has retained its laconicism. The instrument panel consists of an analogue speedometer and two color screens of the on-board computer. The multifunction steering wheel is equipped with two control units. The center console has a large touchscreen display for connecting multimedia and navigator.

Safety features overview

This is a relatively small pickup truck by American standards, but it has a reasonable level of safety. Now there are practically no features in the safety systems for the driver and passengers, everything is a standard set from Ford, but the algorithms have been significantly improved. These are airbags, parking sensors, intelligent headlight brightness control and other common features for a modern car.

This car is the best example of high technology, safety and usability.