2022 Toyota RAV4 Prime

The Toyota RAV4 Prime is a plug-in hybrid that will be the most powerful and fastest option in the range in a number of markets. Rechargeable hybrids differ from other modifications by a different front end design: there is an original bumper and a radiator grill. And only rich configurations are offered to choose from.

The electric motor in the front wheel drive and the separate electric motor on the rear axle have become more powerful, so the peak power output of the power plant has grown from 222 to 306 hp!

USA price for 2022 Toyota RAV4 Prime

This car starts at $ 42,000 in the US, which already casts doubt on the money saving on gas. In any case, you get safe transport for this amount, which practically does not harm the environment. It is also just a nice car that is a continuation of the famous series. It is possible that for this money you can already look towards a more luxurious crossover. There are also plenty of customization options here, but it's all relatively inexpensive.

Quick overview of the interior

The driver's seat has received a full electric drive. This means that you can smoothly adjust the parameters even while driving. The screen of the multimedia system is very contrasting, it is clearly visible in the bright sun and in complete darkness due to its high brightness. Also, the manufacturer changed the materials of the upholstery of the seats in order to increase their resistance to wear and tear.

Safety features overview

This car received a fundamentally new braking system that can help in any road conditions. This hybrid ABS and AI model monitors the coefficients of friction at each wheel in real time, automatically adjusting the torque. Also, automated driver control systems have appeared here, including following the lane, the presence of dangerous objects and other features.