2021 Mazda CX-5

2021 Mazda CX-5 overview
The 2021 model is available in the US at prices ranging from $ 25,570 to $ 37,405. This depends on the modification, as well as on the optional equipment. The car was not radically updated, but a huge number of additional features appeared. Now it is a safer and faster vehicle, the old wheelbase allowed for deep redesigns. The interior space has been slightly increased and the comfort package has been updated. Now owners can modify their purchase at their own discretion in almost all parameters.
Main features
In the States, any CX-5 is equipped with active cruise control with the function of starting after a stop, autobraking systems, monitoring of blind spots and keeping in a lane. The combination of natural wood and Caturra Brown Nappa leather is the prerogative of the top version of the Signature. This is a real elite car filled to the brim with electronics and various computer algorithms. The control system reads the driver's actions, adapting to his own style. This vehicle has amazing dynamics, now it is one of the fastest and most agile off-road vehicles in the lineup.
Safety features
Additionally, in the expensive versions of the Mazda CX-5, they are equipped with an extended safety complex, which, after the change of model year, includes automatic braking systems when reversing and monitoring the driver's condition, as well as all-round cameras with improved images. The car has become better for pedestrians, because its smooth lines cannot strike directly at vital parts. The power structure has also been improved, which protects the driver and passengers from being trapped inside.