2021 Volkswagen Tiguan

Representatives of the German automaker Volkswagen have officially announced the upcoming update of the popular Tiguan 2021 SUV. Specifications, a list of trim levels and an approximate pricing policy have been published. According to official sources, the novelty will be built on the basis of the MQB proprietary base, will receive a wide list of changes in the body design, rich interior equipment and an extensive selection of engines with improved dynamic and consumption properties. In the published images, the 2021 Volkswagen Tiguan features a revolutionary body design concept that includes business style and progressive decorative solutions. In keeping with established traditions, the designers have brought key decor accents to the front of the exterior. The price starts at $ 25,245.
Interior features

Restyling Volkswagen Tiguan 2021 has a positive effect on the interior design of the SUV. The new product uses a global update of the upholstery and decorative elements of the interior, as well as a complete upgrade of the on-board equipment. The interior is dominated by functionality and practicality, and the supply of internal space in all respects is not satisfactory. The traditional console configuration provides for a pair of air deflectors with several adjustments, a medium format display for the infotainment complex, and a separate panel for changing the settings of the standard climate system.
Safety features
Adaptive cruise control in this car will no longer be an optional extra, but a default necessity. The all-wheel drive Offroad version has reinforced side members and underbody. Engineers have created a large number of different passive critical shock damping points, allowing passengers and driver to be deformed by deformation. The airbag kit has also been updated.