2021 Toyota Highlander

The Toyota Highlander is a front- or four-wheel drive mid-size SUV that combines expressive design, modern and functional interior, efficient and reliable technical equipment, as well as balanced dynamic potential. It is a great choice for family travel with increased comfort. The vehicle can also be used for off-road driving, although its exterior trim is not designed to be scratched by bushes and grass.
Price range
This great car starts at $ 34,810 in the US. This is the initial modification. The most expensive option starts at $ 46,965. The manufacturer supplies a large number of additional options, so it is rather difficult to calculate the cost of a complete equipment. It should be in the range of $ 60,000. At the moment it is a worthy competitor in the market for its American counterparts.
Interior overview

By default, the interior of the fourth generation Toyota Highlander is eight-seater, with ergonomically profiled front seats with good lateral support, wide adjustment intervals and all modern options, and the rear-symmetrical center console is emphasized by the large touchscreen of the infotainment system, under which there is an extremely understandable climate and steam unit ventilation deflectors. In general, the car is very spacious inside, despite the large number of seats, everyone, regardless of height, will feel comfortable here.
Safety overview

The car has an impressive safety package. Intelligently deployed circular airbags completely wrap the interior to avoid collisions with hard trim. The driver can optionally receive additional knee protection. The emergency braking system is intelligently controlled using a special algorithm. Thanks to this, the car behaves steadily on the road in all weather conditions.