2021 Nissan Murano

When developing a new exterior of the latest generation off-road vehicle, the designers were given only one task - to create a production car, similar to a show car. I must admit that the employees of the California studio Nissan, where this crossover was designed, coped with it completely. Outside, the 3rd generation Nissan Murano really touches with its streamlined and spectacular body lines with a massive hood decorated with a V-shaped radiator grill, complex lighting technology, bold stamping lines on the embossed sidewalls and an expressive rear end with a pair of chrome-plated exhaust pipes.
The intricate window line and camouflaged C-pillars, which create the effect of a weightless roof, exalt the dynamism of the car.

Price range
The cost of this car varies greatly depending on the modification and additional equipment. The simplest version starts at $ 32,510, and the most expensive Platinum will cost the owner $ 45,610. Also, many additional options are available from the manufacturer, allowing you to customize the car at your discretion. We will not be able to name the top price due to too many combinations.
Interior overview

The cozy and stylish interior of the latest generation of Murano 2021 makes an extremely positive impression, but it looks a little ordinary. On the front panel, the central place is occupied by a large screen of the multimedia complex, which is entrusted with managing many functions, and a little below there is a simple climate control panel. A massive four-spoke steering wheel hides a sleek instrument cluster with two classic dials and a color multifunction display that displays almost any information.
Safety overview
This SUV has an excellent balance of safety, allowing you to feel confident in all road conditions. Airbags deserve special attention, because they were developed specifically for this car. They reliably protect the driver and passengers from collisions with each other and with hard parts of the interior. All movement is electronically controlled in real time. Also, the body has many dampers that absorb the impact energy. Great safe solution with a huge number of driver assistants.