2021 Toyota RAV4

Toyota RAV4 is a front-or four-wheel drive five-door SUV of the compact category, which has an updated brutal design, progressive equipment and good driving potential. Its primary target audience is city dwellers who prefer an active lifestyle, practice outings and love travel. It is a good choice for a family easy trip to the ocean, shopping, and a day out in the countryside. A car that combines the optimal balance of cost and quality.
Price range
The cost of this car in the US starts at $ 26,050 in base configuration in 2021. The limited edition starts at $ 34,580, while the AWD version starts at $ 37,000. The manufacturer makes it possible to purchase many additional equipment, so making two identical Toyota RAV 4 is almost impossible due to the personal preferences of the owner. It is also difficult to determine the upper end of the price range.
Interior overview

The interior decoration of the 2021 Toyota RAV4 model year is designed to match the exterior - there is a bit of brutality here, and smooth surfaces and lines, as if outlined along the ruler, prevail. Directly in front of the driver is a thick three-spoke multi-wheel steering wheel and a beautiful sequential instrument cluster with dial gauges and a large display in the middle showing a speedometer. The dominant place in the crossover's cabin is assigned to a large screen, under which a stylish climate control unit and buttons for activating secondary functions are ergonomically concentrated.
Safety overview

The car has a huge variety of safety options, ranging from intelligent emergency braking to a continuous contour of airbags. The automatic system of correcting actions of the driver in real time allows you to feel comfortable even in difficult weather conditions. The model has a variety of damper points that effectively dampen the energy of a frontal collision.