2021 Kia Sorento

Kia Sorento 2021 is an all-wheel drive SUV of the mid-size category with a hint of "premium" and, concurrently, the flagship of the "crossover line" of the South Korean automaker, combining a presentable appearance, a high-quality and roomy interior, rich equipment and good driving characteristics. Its main target audience is family people (with one or more children) with an income above average who love travel and outdoor recreation. The next 2021 model received an updated design and many additional options, taking into account the wishes of customers.
Price range
At the moment, only the upper limit of the price range is reliably known, which makes it possible to understand what policy the manufacturer will pursue in 2021. At a recent press conference, senior executives from the South Korean manufacturer said the car would not cost more than $ 35,000 in top-of-the-line range. This means that there will be several more attractive price offers ahead of this figure. So far, all that remains is to wait for the premiere and launch of sales.
Interior overview

The interior is one of the strongest aspects of the 2021 Kia Sorento - it is beautiful, comfortable, extremely logical and sound in a European way. The front panel of the car is distinguished by a minimum number of buttons: the 7-8-inch touch screen envies for infotainment functions, below which is an exemplary microclimate unit. The driver observes at his workplace a four-spoke multi-steering wheel with a puffy rim and a combination of devices with a large speedometer (virtual in the top versions) in the center.
Safety features
The manufacturer has promised a unique level of safety in the updated 2021 model. This will be expressed in a unique active point of perception of dynamic deformations, which will not fully transmit the impact to the driver and passengers. The vehicle has undergone numerous field tests to debug the artificial intelligence that controls safety functions. These are automatic marking of pedestrians on the road and other possibilities that recognize danger.