2021 BMW X1

The most dramatic modernization comes from the 2021 BMW X1 at the front. And this time it has changed quite a lot, and the innovations can be found already in the upper part, where a sloping hood with an abundance of various reliefs flaunts under a large windshield. Its centre is decorated with smoothly passing edges, which knock into chopped ones. They bring their eyes to the narrow headlights with xenon in the initial configuration and LEDs in the top-end. A noticeably turned radiator grille in the form of two branded nostrils is closely adjacent to the optics.
Interior overview

The torpedo is pretty simple. Its main solutions are copied from the car of the previous generation, however, more and more high-quality materials are used in the decoration. The console features a widescreen touchscreen display, slightly turned towards the driver for convenience. Around it there are deflectors, a couple of blocks with analog parts. The tunnel looks even simpler. It starts with a key combination led by a gear selector, followed by a washer for adjusting entertainment options, as well as organizers covered with flaps.
Safety overview
The car has one of the best pedestrian recognition systems. It can also mark large animals, which is possible thanks to laser and thermal imaging analysis. The driver will receive a huge number of assistants to maximize traffic safety. The weight of the car is distributed about 50% to each part through the transverse axle, which gives it tremendous stability.