2021 Kia K5

KIA K5 is a front- or all-wheel-drive business class sedan, positioned as a so-called four-door coupe, which can be distinguished by a bold design with bright details, a modern and spacious interior, moderately efficient engines and a wide range of progressive options, and even for relatively small money. This car is addressed, first of all, to a young target audience, for which it is important how the car looks and drives, however, its potential buyers are not limited only to this framework. It may well suit the role of a family car for everyday city trips.
Price range
The starting price of this car starts at $ 23,495. The most expensive GT version for the future owner will start at $ 30,490. The appearance of the latest generation is very beautiful, it looks more like a premium or luxury segment. Also, you will get huge opportunities for customizing this vehicle. Full filling with all options will lead to an increase in cost by about 15-20%.
Interior overview

The interior of the new KIA K5 has a five-seat layout, and the occupants of both rows of seats can count on a sufficient supply of free space. In the front seats, there are ergonomically profiled seats with a distinct side profile and wide adjustment ranges, which in top versions are complemented by an electric drive, heating and ventilation. The sophisticated center console is topped by a large and bright touchscreen, under which there are asymmetric ventilation deflectors and a laconic air conditioning unit with touch control.
Safety overview
The head restraints of this model are designed to protect the driver and passengers from neck injuries, even in the most severe impact. The engineers paid special attention to the safety of children, where a child car seat can be installed on each adult seat. The airbags and curtains are intelligently controlled. They will not falsely trigger from any push. Even the convenience of armchairs for pregnant women has been thought out.