2022 Renault

This French automaker is going to surprise the whole world in 2022. It's amazing how, at such a low cost, they can keep a wide variety of features for their cars with good enough quality. Rational Europeans have already managed to appreciate all the features of these cars.

Now these are very interesting models that are ahead of the closest analogues in cost. It's not just about money. All Renaults have durable engines and corrosion-resistant bodywork. It cannot be compared with luxury brands. You just get a vehicle that is relatively inexpensive. This time they managed to create many new models. If you have a limited budget, then this is the best choice.

What's new in technology?

Renault engineers devote a huge amount of time to developing new designs for their cars. The thing is that their products are distinguished by a large number of various painting technologies. They use up to 12-16 coats of paint, primer and varnish to provide corrosion protection and a flawless appearance. They introduced new transmissions in 2022 to ensure maximum performance. And we can also note their extremely economical and unpretentious engines. You just forget about the big expenses on gasoline.

New car models

Megan E-Tech has become a real breakthrough in the field of electric vehicles, the most anticipated among fans of the brand. The arcana was also a novelty that even competitors did not expect. Kangoo has also been completely revamped. The Capture has also been updated in appearance and engine range. Therefore, you have every opportunity to upgrade your vehicle.

Why should you buy this?

This is the choice for those who do not like to repair cars. You just buy a new copy in 5-7 years, when the next generation comes out. Experts say that Renault was created in order not to part with these cars for the rest of their lives. No wonder this concern is constantly increasing its production capacity. And this means that there is a stable demand. In order to become the owner of a car of this brand, you will have to study everything on your own. Or simply take advantage of the offer of the best dealers who will help with the choice.