2021 Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class

The exterior of the Mercedes GLA 2021 is also distinguished by the lines that are characteristic of the coupe and the dimensions. They are combined with some of the trim elements that are inherent in SUVs. Feedback from the owners of previous modifications note that the amenities inside the car are of the highest level. The car itself looks dynamic. The new body 4 matic, according to users, is quite successful: a massive radiator grille, ribs on the sides and on the hood contribute to the image and dynamism of the car. The towbar is equipped with a camera that can be installed optionally. The body color can also be different. Among them, you can choose white, black, blue or brown.
Interior overview

The interior is fully consistent with that seen in a sports car. Unusual for those who just got behind the wheel of this car will be the fact that the control lever for the light and wipers is located on the left. Below it is a vehicle distance control switch that can also automatically adjust vehicle speed. The crossover can also be fitted with a panoramic top. But at the same time, there is not enough space above the passengers' heads. In this embodiment, few people may need vertical seat adjustment.
Safety overview
When cornering at night, it will turn on a special lighting mode with a wider angle. It is worth noting the particularly stable wheelbase and the correct distribution of mass relative to the central longitudinal and transverse axles, which makes the handling safer. Airbags create a tight perimeter not only in the front but also on the sides, so the driver and passengers do not have the slightest chance of hitting a hard surface. The entire system has a specific trigger threshold based on multiple factors.