2021 Porsche Cayenne Hybrid

The Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid is a premium all-wheel-drive SUV of the mid-size category with a hybrid powertrain that (according to the German automaker) combines familial sporty dynamics with maximum fuel efficiency. It is addressed to wealthy people who practice an active lifestyle who are not indifferent to the ecological situation in the world. The car has a luxurious appearance, obedient handling and great opportunities for additional options. Prices in the US start at $ 81,800, and full-weight gear will cost $ 35,000 more.
Interior overview

Inside, the third Porsche Cayenne in the performance of the E-Hybrid almost completely repeats the base "brother", differing from it only in small details. In general, the interior of the premium crossover looks beautiful and noble and can boast of impeccable ergonomics and exclusively elite finishing materials. You will be able to feel what real wood, leather and metal are, combined into a single magnificent interior. Perhaps this car has the most comfortable seats imaginable. Dual-zone climate control works flawlessly. You get the impression that you are in two different places. This provides the highest level of comfort for the driver and passengers, and also makes it much easier to travel with children in hot weather.
Safety features
Particular attention has been paid to the lithium battery. It is reliably protected from possible fire and damage, and the body is made in such a way that any accident will not destroy it. The vehicle has many standard Porsche security systems, including intelligent detection of live objects on the road.