2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Grand Cherokee is one of the prettiest SUVs on the road, not to mention that its styling is nearly 10 years old. It has preserved its legacy well, from the seven-slot grille and rigid roof pillars, to the trapezoidal wheel arches, sleek headlights and trim that comes in either blackout or subtle chrome. The SRT and Trackhawk models add to the brutal feel with their bulging fenders, announcing the larger wheels and tires. Here we are definitely dealing with a deep modernization, not a superficial update. The car has a widened wheelbase, which made it more stable on the road.
Interior overview

The front seats are large and soft. The rear seats recline up and legroom is 38 in deep. The new model year Jeep Grand Cherokee accommodates five adults, offers plenty of gear and luxury features in a comfortable interior. This is a complete package of mid-size SUVs. Perhaps this is one of the most spacious cars in its class.
Safety overview
According to the NHTSA testing system, the updated model passed the full head-on collision test perfectly. Front-wheel drive modifications were slightly behind the FWD. The active safety of this SUV relies heavily on the active braking system, which corrects the driver's actions in all road conditions. The main lighting system has also undergone automation, but this is only available in the oldest Loredo modification. You will be able to track blind spots when parking as standard thanks to the presence of circular sensors and cameras. Passive collision protection also includes a special frame design.