2021 Infiniti QX50

The Infinity QX50 has received quite a few changes over the previous generation. She has a completely different technical filling, a more spacious interior and simply amazing appearance. While the factory version does not look as pretentious as the concept, it retains many of the basic features. First of all, I would like to note the narrow, embossed headlights with full LED filling and an elegant eyeliner from garlands of daytime running lights.
The radiator grille flaunts a thick chrome trim along the contour and is a mesh of many curving fins that form diamond-shaped cells. In addition, aggressive air intakes located on the front bumper and small fog lamp blocks are striking. The off-road potential of the car is emphasized by an unobtrusive crossover body kit on the side skirts, bumpers and wheel arches. In general, the second generation received a radically new and memorable design, in the current, at the moment, corporate style.

Price range
This middle-sized crossover starts at $ 37,850, which is understandable for its luxury market segment. It is a worthy competitor for American and European similar products. The Lux modification will cost $ 41,500, and the Essential $ 45,000. The most expensive modification starts at $ 51,000. This is followed by additional options, where there are practically no boundaries. It all depends on the thickness of your wallet.
Interior overview

The crossover boasts a fairly spacious trunk. In the standard position, with the rear shelf removed and loading to the ceiling, about 895 liters of usable volume remains. Thanks to such spaciousness, the model is perfect for both ordinary tasks of an ordinary car enthusiast and for family picnics and travel. To carry more bulky luggage, the backrests of the second row can be folded down and free up to 1,700 liters. This is the option when you want a big size, but don't want to mess with giants like the QX80. A great family car where you can customize the interior as you see fit.
Safety overview
The Infiniti QX50 is designed to help you see farther, react faster and have a real driving pleasure, even in adverse weather conditions. Discover a range of innovative technologies that make driving easier and more confident on the road. Set the required pace of movement and the job is done. Your vehicle will now automatically maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front, braking and accelerating as needed. Reversing obstacle control system helps you react more quickly to the possibility of a collision. It warns you if you are too close to another vehicle or stationary object and helps you avoid a collision by applying the brakes.