2021 Cadillac XT4

The XT4 crossover is Cadillac's new compact 2021 model. Flamboyant, purposeful, and uniquely charismatic. This car was created with the sole purpose of conquering hearts and minds. It is primarily aimed at a young target audience that wants to step into the premium class, but at the same time does not consider the models of European and Japanese companies as an alternative. Outside, it boasts a beautiful, stylish, distinctive and rather brutal look - at least in the city traffic it definitely cannot be confused with analogues of other brands.
Interior overview

Against the background of many modern competitors, the inside of the Cadillac XT4 looks somewhat old-fashioned, but immediately captivates with healthy conservatism - a stylish multifunctional steering wheel, an uncomplicated instrument cluster with two analog dials with arrows at rest, looking straight down, and an on-board computer display, and a distinctive center console. There is enough space inside for five passengers of average height. Moreover, they will sit very comfortably due to the width and the presence of comfortable chairs. They are part of the protection system.
Safety overview
A special spectrum of instrument illumination has been developed so that the driver can easily shift his attention to the roadway illuminated by the headlights without the retinal adaptation period. It warns of the appearance of people or large animals on the roadway about 200 meters away in the open area of ​​laser rangefinders and thermal imaging sensors. Even if you do not have time to react to the situation, then emergency braking will work, working in advance. The model has a huge number of electronic assistants and an authentic set of airbags.