2021 Audi Q7

Restyling touched on the profile of the updated body of the Audi Q7 2021. Openwork front pillars, side panels with smooth curves - everything looks original. The sloping roof of the Audi with small roof rails is a testament to the car's elegance and sporty ambitions. The rear-view mirrors have changed shape, and the tapering glass line makes the car fast. It is a good choice for long distance travel, family means of transportation over long distances with the highest degree of comfort. The octagonal radiator grille has seven chrome bars and a four-ring company emblem is visible in the center. MSRP for this vehicle starts at $ 54,950.
Interior overview

The comfortable steering wheel in natural braid has received additional keys for controlling secondary functions. The body is surrounded by leather, soft plastic, polished metal. The atmosphere of comfort is created by a premium speaker system together with interior lighting. The seats are well profiled - they have a lot of electrical adjustments, and the developed lateral support reliably holds when passing sharp turns. The seats received the functions of heating, ventilation and position memory, so it is comfortable to drive.
Safety overview
This car is already safe only because of its enormous size. Engineers designed the frame to absorb all impact loads and deformation to absorb the force of the impact. Full perimeter airbag kit completely eliminates collision between driver and passengers with hard trims. Impressive test results showed the highest score in all types.