2021 Maserati Levante Trofeo

It's a car with the soul of a GT and the power of a true SUV. The 2021 Maserati Levante Trofeo is a unique development designed for versatile use. At the moment it is one of the most high-tech cars of this brand. It is definitely a good choice for families who like to highlight their choice and stand out from others. The luxury is bordered by unbridled power hidden under the hood, and the possibilities for improvement with additional options are almost endless. The cost of this superb car in every way starts at $ 80,000.
Interior features
Inside you will find a huge amount of interior space. The dashboard has classic features, but it looks more like a spaceship or an airplane than a car. A large number of expensive natural materials of the highest quality prevail here. Flaws are completely excluded, because everything is assembled exclusively by hand. Users say they have the most comfortable chairs they've ever seen. Dual-zone climate control works great, it's a really clear separation into two equal volumes that differ in temperature. It will be very convenient for traveling with children. The automatic transmission with 8 stepless gears offers the highest degree of jolt-free comfort. Only pure dynamics.
Safety features
The company's engineers have developed the best adaptive dynamic suspension, which makes it easy to smooth out any bumps on the road. Also, the car correctly evaluates the parameters of adhesion to the road surface, choosing the correct mode at every moment of time. This greatly adjusts the driver's actions, but it goes unnoticed. The airbags deserve special attention because they are anatomically correct and also protect the driver's knees. Emergency braking occurs evenly, which stops the car without drifting.