2021 Land Rover Range Rover Velar

Range Rover Velar is a premium mid-size SUV that sits between Evoque and Sport in the British Land Rover model range. The car is positioned as a full-fledged all-terrain vehicle, which is able to drive where others rescue, and its target audience is people who want to get something new, but at the same time acquire the true spirit of this brand. The cost in the US starts at $ 56,300.
Interior overview

Get ready to get a large number of control screens in combination with old analogue elements. The interior of the new Velar is so quiet that you can speak in a whisper without any obstacles. This is a great degree of comfort, the best you can afford. Inside you will find understated English luxury and convenience, as well as a huge amount of space. I would like to note the highest level of quality of the seats, as if you are drowning in them, and they adjust to the anatomical features of the driver and passengers. All glazing is very comfortable, it allows a panoramic view even for children.
Safety features
So, the car is equipped with: six airbags, a rear view camera, parking sensors, a multifunctional on-board computer, light and rain sensors. As for the active driver assistants, they easily detect dangerous oncoming traffic and living objects on the roadway. You will be notified of pedestrians and large animals even in complete darkness. Your car will now monitor the tire pressure itself, as well as take a lot of data in real time to correct the actions of an inexperienced driver.