2021 Genesis GV80

2021 Genesis GV80 Quick Overview
In its fifth year of life, the Korean premium brand Genesis got its first crossover, despite the fact that there are already three sedans in the range. The design of the SUV was carried out by specialists from branded studios in Korea, USA and Germany. The body is made of steel, but the doors, hood and trunk lid are aluminum. The GV80 also became the first Korean car with 22-inch wheels, although only the richest versions have such wheels, and the dimensions of the cars are simpler - 19 or 20 inches. This car is the epitome of style and luxury, rapidly breaking into this segment of the market.
2021 Genesis GV80 Pricing
The price of this unprecedented car starts at around $49,000, which is roughly in the same price range as the European brands. Therefore, here we are talking only about direct competition. The most expensive cars of the model will cost more than $80,000 with the maximum configuration. This is a fairly large gap, but typical of the premium and luxury segment.