2021 GMC Yukon

Whether you're looking for a large three-row SUV with a V8 engine and seven, eight or even nine passengers, the GMC Yukon 2021 guarantees the size you want, the right features and an attractive design. Need even more? Extended XL version available. The Denali guarantees a level of sophistication almost like a Cadillac. Based on the frame structure, the Yukon pleases with a fairly high level of comfort, given its ability to tow up to 8,200 kg and get to remote corners of the off-road. The SUV's road manners take full advantage of the wide, open highways. The available suspension contributes to an even more positive experience, it constantly adjusts to the road conditions. Apart from the level of comfort, it is impossible to ignore the size of the SUV. You will have to be patient when looking for a parking spot, and measure your garage carefully before buying a giant.
Price range
This car starts at $ 52,000, with the top trim starting at $ 64,000. Full customization with additional options will be well above $ 80,000. For Americans, this is a great price, because in Europe this car is much more expensive. This is a perfectly reasonable price, especially considering the amount of metal spent.
Interior overview

The GMC Yukon and Yukon XL are among the new vehicles, apart from vans, capable of accommodating nine people. The only caveat is that you'll have to opt for the base SLE model and then complement it with a solid seat up front. Most buyers, meanwhile, opt for the comfortable bucket front seats, limited to eight. The front seats can be installed in the second row, but then the number of seats in the GMC Yukon will be reduced to seven.
About safety
This car looks more like a tank on wheels. Impact damping points are combined with a powerful frame that prevents deformation of the interior. The emergency braking system will keep the area level even on an icy road. Beginners can count on the assistance of various driver assistants and an internal warning system.