2021 Lexus RX Hybrid

2021 Lexus RX Hybrid Quick Overview und Pricing
Meet the big changes in the appearance of the Lexus RX Hybrid 2021. The main headlights have become narrower and thinner, the fog lights have moved to the lower part of the bumper and changed their shape - it is by the changed headlights that it is easiest to identify the updated car. Of course, similar changes have led to others: a new radiator grille and plastic front bumper. In the rear, the changes are similar: a different bumper, and the graphics of the lamp filler segments - horizontal stripes go up to the end of the lamp: such a solution visually expands the car and gives a clear outline of the body border. And in general, it's just beautiful. Traditionally prepared original exterior for the F Sport version. Car prices start at $ 46,900.
Interior overview

In general, the interior has retained the same style and high-quality finish, the F Sport version has its own instruments, steering wheel, and decor. The main visible change is the abandonment of the inconvenient joystick in favor of the touchpad, which has already been found in more modern Lexus models. And also a touchscreen display (atypical for previous models), and with support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Most likely, it is no longer necessary to say that every detail is luxurious. This is another top of perfection from Japanese engineers.
Safety features
The car has an extremely low center of gravity, which is now complemented by batteries and electric motors. Therefore, the model is very stable even in the tightest corners. The driver's actions are read and then recorded, so this car adapts to the driving style of its owner. The airbag system is perfect, it creates a closed cocoon around the driver and passengers.