2021 Acura MDX Hybrid

The car became the third hybrid in the company's model range, having received three electric motors for the internal combustion engine at once. This SUV will enter the American market in the spring of 2021, but its appearance in Europe is unlikely. Visually, the Acura MDX Sport Hybrid is not much different from an ordinary car, and it is distinguished only by the shields with the designation of the hybrid essence. In general, the five-door crossover body demonstrates attractive and dynamic outlines, not devoid of interesting solutions. In the US, the price is expected to be around $ 66,000.
Interior overview

Inside, the Acura MDX Sport Hybrid completely copies a car with a gasoline engine, from design to the quality of finishing materials. The interior of the crossover is endowed with a seven-seat layout with three rows of seats, and its cargo compartment is designed to carry from 250 to 2500 liters of luggage, depending on the number of passengers on board. This is a truly spacious family car.
Safety features
The car has amazing passive protection. In the body, there are specially provided points that absorb the energy of impacts by means of permanent deformation. Therefore, the driver and passengers are out of danger even before the airbags are deployed. They belong to the latest generation and have an excellent anatomical shape. Each chair also supports and increases the chances of success.