2021 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

Hyundai Sonata Hybrid surpasses its gasoline brothers in power. However, the most important horse of the gasoline-electric version is, of course, modest fuel consumption and an excellent indicator of the power reserve at one gas station. Filling a full tank of fuel, the owner of a hybrid sedan does not have to worry about refueling for 1100 km.

At the same time, gasoline consumption ranges from 4.3 liters when driving on a highway at a constant speed to 4.7 liters in city mode. Combined fuel consumption approx. 4.5 liters.
It only remains to add that an entire rooftop solar panel is offered as an option for the hybrid sedan. The solar panel captures the rays of the sun and recharges the car's battery. This technology allows to increase the total daily mileage by 3-4 km.

Price range
This automaker offers three main lines in the US. The simplest modification starts at $ 27,750, the average one starts at $ 29,900, and the top version will start at $ 35,000. Then everything can be modified at your own discretion. The manufacturer offers a huge number of different additional options, so before buying it is better to carefully read the catalogs, this will allow you to create a truly solution that meets your requirements 100%.
Interior overview

The interior of the hybrid sedan is the same as that of the petrol versions. In the presence of an analog or virtual instrument panel with a large screen. Standard infotainment system with 8-inch display or more advanced with slightly larger screen diagonal. Seats for driver and front passenger with electric adjustment and heating. Dual-zone climate control and keyless entry system. The trunk of the hybrid sedan can hold 550 liters of useful luggage.
Safety overview
This vehicle meets the latest safety standards in its class, setting survival records for driver, passengers and pedestrians. The powerful airbags have an intelligent multi-factor deployment system that provides a huge advantage and protection against false deployment. The car analyzes everything from the traffic situation to the search for living objects on the road. The emergency braking system does not allow the car to slip into an uncontrolled skid or roll over even at maximum speed.

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