2022 Bugatti

This car is the epitome of speed and the highest level of luxury. Yes, we are talking about a miracle from the French automotive industry called Bugatti. In 2022, they will once again surprise us with real innovations that will be completely different from what we were destined to see earlier.

This is a really high flight of imagination of designers and engineers, which you could not even dream of earlier.

Get ready for new cars

Oh yes, 2022 promises to be very interesting for true connoisseurs of this car brand, so expect the following new products:

  • Chiron. This car continues to be restyled in 2022. The changes are minor, but the perfection does not require any improvements.
  • Chiron Supersport. This is a very powerful version that has been used specifically on race tracks. It will be interesting for you to try this experience, similar to an airplane on wheels.
  • Centodieci. A $ 9 million car, are you serious? Yes, it looks like it will remain a dream come true for many Americans. If you can afford it, then you can be proud of yourself.

New technologies and possibilities

A wide variety of interesting technologies were introduced in 2022. There are even technologies commonly used for rocket nozzles and other spacecraft. Bugatti has one of the best emergency braking systems, which very much adjust the braking trajectory. Even the rubber marks on the asphalt are straight lines. It uses special carbon fiber, various aluminum alloys and high strength composites. You will definitely be safe.

Get more info

Are you sure you want to deal with such a purchase yourself? It's just that this car has so many different features that you simply will not pass any test. This is a very interesting solution that is difficult to choose. Even fans of this brand often get confused between the different Lineup options. A huge number of different systems, seat upholstery in the cabin, painting, electronic customization options. All this can be maddening. It is better to ask recognized experts for help.

These cars are definitely worthy of your attention, because they are the best example of reliability and high technology. Please contact authorized dealers for more detailed information.

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