2022 Kia Sorento

New KIA Sorento 2022 offers modern engines and good equipment at a very decent price. However, the latest generation of cars has been produced for quite a long time, which means that the time for restyling has come. In the process of updating the crossover received a new body, a modified interior and a modified line of engines.

In order to refresh the demand for the car, the exterior has changed quite a lot. The new Kia has visually become more solid and massive. On the front, there are large headlights with an elegant stroke of daytime running lights.

USA price for 2022 Kia Sorento

This SUV from a well-known South Korean manufacturer has several trims at once, which differ greatly in terms of the level of use and expectations of the owner. LH starts at $ 29,500, this price has not changed for two generations of this car. The second trim will cost $35,400 and the top trim will cost $39,000 and up. You can easily change any detail when buying a new car, from ease of use to comfort and safety enhancements. And these additions will not cause a strong blow to your pocket.

Quick overview of the interior

The designers tried to modernize the interior of the car, making it relevant to today. Among the noticeable differences in the interior is a four-spoke steering wheel, equipped with a mass of additional control buttons. The dashboard has three dials, among which the speedometer dominates, and at the edges there are a tachometer and small panels of fuel level, coupled with engine temperature. But there is enough space inside the new car, both in the front and in the rear seats. Five people can easily accommodate in the cabin - the range of adjustments, as well as the supply of space, will be enough for everyone.

Safety features overview

This car has KIA's signature safety package, starting with great electronics. This is not a robotic system, but your mistakes will be quickly corrected by special sensors. Therefore, this SUV can be considered the best choice for beginners. You can easily go on a trip with the whole family without fear of them. The car received some of the best ratings in child safety crash tests, making it a real bestseller. It's not a complete off-road choice, but if the rain catches you on a dirt road, you can easily get out of this situation with an all-wheel drive trim.