2022 Dodge Challenger

The new Challenger has changed the front and rear bumpers, which are now more voluminous and massive. Updates touched on lighting equipment. The hood has acquired stylish stampings that fit perfectly into the overall style of the car.

The advantage of the novelty is nine designs of 20-inch rims, new stylish exhaust tips. Unlike its predecessor, the novelty has acquired larger dimensions. But you will no longer see the LED brake light repeater. The predecessor inherited the same grille and taillights, in which LED and xenon lamps are installed.

USA price for 2022 Dodge Challenger

How much does the Dodge Challenger cost? This is a very difficult question as we are talking about different trims. This car starts with a price of $ 28,000, but this is far from the limit. The top-of-the-line SRT Super Stock trim starts at $ 80,000, which is quite true for a car capable of tremendous speed. This is one of the few muscle cars that have not lost their former charm. Additional customization options can also significantly increase the value of this car.

Quick overview of the interior

The interior of the new car has become more spacious and wider. The dashboard has become comfortable, which has received straight, strict lines and a more laconic design. The quality of finishing materials has noticeably improved. Customers will have access to 14 options for interior shades. Comfort is evident in the new seats, which have been fitted with modern shock absorbers and also improved with a comfortable lateral support design. The front row of seats is equipped with a ventilation system, heating.

Safety features overview

This car is equipped with one of the best braking systems in its class. Otherwise, you simply would not be able to cope with its dynamics. Naturally, this is achieved electronically. But he did not lose his spirit of oil cara, which it was endowed with by its creators. The airbags here are rather rough, but strong, and the body is conventionally divided into two contours. One of them perceives shock loads, and the second reliably protects the driver and passengers and is practically not subject to deformation.

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