2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz

When choosing a vehicle, Americans prefer to pay attention to pickups. The Koreans, represented by the manufacturer Hyundai, decided to adapt to the wishes of the consumer, so they released a new model Hyundai Santa Cruz. Consider how successful the new product was, and how the manufacturer managed to create the first project in the pickup segment.

The first step is to examine the appearance of the new car. She, by the way, turned out to be quite futuristic. And this is especially distinguished by the design of the front optics, which are located at the corners of the radiator grill. This time the headlights are 100% integrated into the grille. The second row of holes is also filled with lanterns, which looks quite unusual for the manufacturer. As a result, the car gets eight headlights of running lights at once - a rather creative solution for a pickup truck in America.

USA price for 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz

The front-wheel drive version starts at around $ 23,000, which is both inexpensive and similar to Hyundai's pricing. The 2.5-liter all-wheel drive model starts at $ 35,300, with the most expensive Limited Trim starting at $ 39,800. A worthy solution for those who want a reliable family car with a huge range of various additional options. You can also customize each of them, but this will only increase the price.

Quick overview of the interior

Unfortunately, no changes were presented in the interior. It makes no difference whether you are in Tucson or Santa Cruz. The interior of this model does not match the exterior, as it is more in line with the urban style. In geometry, you can see the predominance of smooth and rounded lines. The dashboard has a gray dial, and the manufacturer decided not to display buttons on the dashboard. Despite the fact that the interior is notable for its good build quality, it does not cause delight when viewed. The quality of the materials used here cannot be called luxury, but they do not belong to the budget either. The main difference in the interior is the presence of a brutal gear lever. For rear passengers, the manufacturer decided to sacrifice space in order to increase the volume of the luggage compartment. But the trunk for the pickup segment is still considered small, since even a bicycle cannot fit here.

Safety features overview

This strange and very stylish pickup truck has one of the best safety systems in the history of the brand. The fancy car has many benefits in protecting passengers and the driver, with a very robust power train and an excellent airbag package. It is also literally stuffed with various electronic systems that warn of potentially dangerous objects and situations both on highways and on narrow city streets.

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