2021 BMW X3

The BMW company is well known for its car models for several years. Sedans, sports cars, coupes, crossovers and SUVs. There is a model in almost every segment. Crossovers of all models remain the most demanded BMW segment. One of these popular models was the X3 in the body G01. The latest model as of 2021 was a 3.0-liter diesel engine. They added power to it, removed the shortcomings of previous releases, and of course, due to the software, it became faster, responds well to the gas pedal. This is especially noticeable in the presence of the M-package.
Interior overview

The interior of the BMW X3 has received dramatic changes, while the designers did not pursue modern trends when mechanical buttons are massively changed to touchscreen control panels. The upper part of the dashboard of the BMW X3 2021 is trimmed with high-quality leather, usually in black. Below the central part of the panel, a display of the multimedia system is installed in the form of a tablet. To give a modern design, a black glossy plastic cover was installed around the lever, and a decorative washer, previously chosen by the buyer, was installed near the washer. In addition to design advantages, there are also disadvantages, such a glossy surface quickly becomes covered with fingerprints or micro-scratches. Accordingly, over time, the item will not lose its shine and attractiveness.
Safety overview
The immobilizer is built-in and supplied by default on all modifications. This is the most flexible cruise control you can imagine. The front optics do not blind other drivers and pedestrians with an adaptive algorithm built on the basis of artificial intelligence. Accurate laser distance monitoring works in real time, which allows you to timely warn of the danger of a frontal collision.