2022 Nissan Armada

This is a Japanese SUV that dares to challenge its American competitors and try to impose a fight on them in the XXXL class SUV segment. The company's specialists from the land of the rising sun went to this goal for a long time: they made a portrait of a potential buyer, calculated his desires and needs, analyzed competitors. In 2022, they achieved success.

Large headlights Nissan Armada, framed in the now fashionable LEDs, a wide bonnet plate, a massive front bumper and an abundance of chrome details. Laconic forms, clear lines of the body, precision and simplicity of every detail create a harmonious image that looks stylish and looks very brutal.

USA price for 2022 Nissan Armada

The front-wheel drive version of this huge SUV starts at $ 49,000 in the US, but what's the point if it's an SUV? Therefore, the all-wheel drive version will cost from 65,000 already. We cannot call this car very flexible in terms of the choice of customization options, but it is indeed a very expensive vehicle. Any innovation will greatly increase the overall value of this vehicle.

Quick overview of the interior

The salon of the Nissan Armada model amazes with the amount of free space and the level of equipment. The interior features of the Nissan Patrol can also be traced here. But the design is fun - the striking, brightly lit fixtures are easy to read both night and day. In addition, a comfortable steering wheel, equipped with additional buttons for controlling the audio system and cruise control, and wide seats can accommodate a person of any size. There is more than enough legroom and headroom.

Safety features overview

This largest SUV from Nissan has a well thought out safety system. The body has built-in elements that allow to damp the impact energy from any direction. The impact vectors are located so that all forces do not touch the bodies of the driver, passengers and children inside. The seats provide excellent back support, and the airbags prevent collisions with other people, hard trim pieces, and side panels. Welcome to one of the safest vehicles of this brand ever.

This car is definitely worthy of attention and space in your garage. For more details, please contact authorized dealer.